Martin Edgar has joined the CareVoyant team as Director of Implementation and Support services.

In the last few years, we have enhanced CareVoyant with new features providing operational efficiencies and improving ease of use. While we continue to enhance CareVoyant to keep up with regulatory requirements and technology, we realize that there is a need to expand our implementation and support group.  This allows for enhancing our ability to deliver these changes to you and continue to support them.


Martin Edgar has joined the CareVoyant team as Director of Implementation and Support services.  In this role, Martin manages a team providing all aspects of the application implementation, project management and ongoing customer support.

Before joining CareVoyant, Martin has worked in healthcare facilities, partnered a startup and most recently worked for a software development company specializing in post-acute healthcare.  Martin has more than 25 years of experience in the post-acute healthcare market.  He helps healthcare providers achieve their goals through dialogue, learning about their operational challenges, and becoming vested in his customer’s success.

Martin holds a B.A. in finance from Roosevelt University in Chicago and his experience and knowledge will help us to further streamline the implementation and support process to deliver quality and timely implementation and support.

Marie Pipes, our current Director of Implementation, has become our Director of Quality Assurance. In her new role, Marie will be focused on the quality of CareVoyant enhancements, documents and training materials. Marie will be working closely with development to define requirements for enhancements and new modules, providing quality assurance, documentation and training materials. She will also assist in rolling out new modules and provide training to our current and new employees. Marie’s tremendous knowledge and experience with CareVoyant, along with her ability to work with customers and developers, will be an asset to CareVoyant to provide superior product, training and support.

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