Briggs Healthcare’s Documentation to be Incorporated Into CareVoyant Software Solutions

Briggs Healthcare and CareVoyant (formerly Infosys Inc.) have announced a partnership that will expand the availability of clinical documentation and forms needed by the long-term care, home health, and hospice industries.As a result of this partnership, Briggs Healthcare’s documentation will be incorporated into CareVoyant’s software solutions, providing CareVoyant customers with clinical forms in a convenient and efficient electronic format.
While Briggs has been a leading provider of professional documentation systems and forms for the long-term care, assisted living, home care and hospice markets, CareVoyant has developed integrated clinical, financial and administrative applications mainly for ambulatory and post-acute healthcare providers.CareVoyant customers will benefit by the addition of the trusted content Briggs is known for, keeping current with regulatory requirements, all while enjoying modifications and additions to industry best practices. Combined with the flexibility and depth of CareVoyant software, this partnership provides a powerful solution for home care, hospice, and long term care providers.
When will the Briggs forms be available for CareVoyant customers?
Beginning in January 2015, we will begin releasing Hospice forms and continue to produce Home Health and Long Term Care forms throughout the year. Announcements will be made to CareVoyant customers when they become available.
Will the forms look exactly like Briggs paper-based forms?The electronic version of Briggs forms will incorporate all the fields and content that are in the paper forms, along with the same sequence. On the screen, however, layout will not resemble the form in the paper format. The electronic version presents just one column of data at a time, as opposed to the multiple columns available on the paper form. In this case, we believe this is the best way to present the data for electronic entry. Additionally, data entry points such as vitals and other measurements will be integrated into the forms to eliminate duplicate entries. 
Will there be an associated cost? Yes, there will be a nominal licensing fee for customers who want to access Briggs Forms. More will be available as the release date nears.
How can I find out more information? Information will be available as the forms are released at the CareVoyant Customer Portal, or check back at this blog for more details.

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